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Being stopped and arrested for DUI in California is troubling and costly unless you have the right attorney representing your interests. Simply being arrested could put you in jail unless bail is posted, it can immediately result in your license being suspended unless prompt legal action is taken, and a conviction could result in up to 6 months in jail plus over $ 2,000.00 in fines and/or assessments, in addition to massive hikes in your insurance premiums. And the end results are even worse such as state prison, if there were prior convictions.


We at James McConvill & Associates can protect you from any of that. We have over 25 years of experience in defending DUI clients and have been very successful in getting charges either dismissed or reduced by fighting hard for you. And we donít just tell you to plead guilty. We thoroughly investigate the matter, we file motions when appropriate to highlight any police misconduct, and we will take the case to trial where our success rate is second to none. Let us be your attorney and you wonít be disappointed.

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